Anti-aging Austin TX

Let us help you reverse the aging process!  Our anti-aging services in Austin, TX can help you to build good health from the cellular level. Our Functional Medicine practice, located in Austin, TX is here to help you achieve the greatest possible changes in anti-aging, by reversing the aging process without drugs.  Our process can help yield functional changes in the way we feel, and cosmetic changes in our appearance. Our diverse clientele have one thing in common: the sincere desire to transform their health and reach optimum levels of well-being. This translates to increased energy, improved flexibility, and looking and feeling younger. We provide a selection of anti-aging services that address your health at the foundation, at the foundational level of your health. If you are feeling older than you know you should, or experiencing aging rates that seem inappropriate for your physical age, we can begin by testing your biological age.

Even though two people may have the same chronological age, their biological ages and appearances may be very different. Telomere length is a true measure of your biological age, and reflects how we look, feel and function. One of the services we provide can measure telomere length and accurately determine your true biological age.

For most people, we start by looking at the quality of your blood. By using a Darkfield phase contrast microscope, we can perform a live blood analysis and provide you immediate feedback regarding the health of your blood.  We can also analyze the health of your blood using a comprehensive blood chemistry panel using functional ranges, which are ranges derived from healthy people that give us a better indication of optimal health.