Learn more about our Telomerase enzyme

We have found only one commercial product that contains the actual telomerase enzyme based on the Nobel Prize Winning Research in 2009. In 2011, the commercial product was developed by a Nobel Prize Finalist and Enzymologist, and his research team (unrelated to the Nobel Team of 2009).  Since that Nobel Prize was awarded to the team of scientists who discovered Telomerase enzyme, there have been many commercial products that claim to elongate our Telomeres by using special nutrient co-factors and/or hormones.

The Telomere lengthening product we consider to be the best in class is the one formulated by Enriching Gifts.  The critical influence that limits Telomere elongation is due to insufficient amounts of Telomerase enzyme.  Therefore, only by increasing quantities of actual Telomerase enzyme in the blood, like when you were younger, can regenerate your Telomeres.

Some interesting facts about telomerase:

  • Younger people have longer telomeres than older people. When compared to older people, younger people tend to have fewer illnesses, less risk factors for illnesses and recover faster from injuries and illnesses.
  • Studies performed on healthy people versus people who were seriously ill showed that healthy people had longer telomeres than sick people, therefore higher activity levels of telomerase enzyme. This measurement was statistically significant.
  • A preponderance of research which shows that decreasing stress, good nutrition, and healthy amounts of exercise all minimize the shortening rate of telomeres.
    Certain nutrients, such as antioxidants, have been shown to minimize the shortening of telomeres and offer protection to both our telomeres and telomerase enzyme.

How Long Do I Need to Use Telomerase Enzyme in Order to See Results?
Telomerase enzyme works by elongating our Telomeres during cell division, therefore it is the rate of cell division that determines how soon we see and feel results.  Each of our cells divide at different rates, and this rate slows down as we age.  Some of our blood cells, such as platelets, can divide in 8-12 days. Other cells can take as long as 6-8 months.  In both cases, the time needed for our cells to divide increases with age (which is why we heal more quickly when we’re younger).

Although we are all unique biochemical individuals who respond differently to therapies, a general rule of thumb is that if you take 11% of your age, you can estimate the time needed to see external results.  For example, for a person who is 40 years old, he or she can expect to see external changes in about 4.4 years while taking Telomerase enzyme on a consistent daily basis. Additionally, people who follow our health and wellness schedule of care will tend to see results more quickly than those who do not.

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