Hormone Rejuvenation Therapy

170083028Balanced Hormones and Our Health
Hormones are chemical messengers that our body and metabolism need so that we can experience quality of life.  They create changes in our metabolism that affect our mood, memory, libido, fat metabolism, energy levels, temperature regulation, appetite, and much more.  While popular belief claims that hormonal imbalance is an inevitable and natural consequence of old age, hormone imbalance can occur at any age.  Hormone imbalance is a result of poor health, not old age. Research shows that we are capable of producing normal amounts of hormones well into our later years of life. Because hormone imbalance is an indication of poor health, we need to correct foundational unhealthy conditions and give specific organs or glands a much needed boost to correct this imbalance.

The Conventional Approach for Hormone Therapy
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been the conventionally accepted way to correct hormonal imbalance in the human body.  After identifying what hormone or hormones are deficient in one’s body,  hormone replacements are introduced into the body.  A downside to this approach is that when the body receives Hormone Replacement Therapy, your glands “go to sleep.”  This is a natural response so your body doesn’t have too much quantity of a hormone, which also disallows your body from making the hormone naturally; recipients of this therapy must be closely monitored in order to constantly adjust the dosage.

Whenever conventional hormone therapy is used, where the patient takes a prescribed hormone, the body no longer experiences the natural hormone fluctuations, or hormonal bio-rhythms that normally occur throughout the day. The use of Hormone Replacement Therapy creates an environment in the human body where hormone levels are artificially maintained at a constant level.

While previously considered a safe treatment, the Women’s Health Initiative reported the largest study conducted on Hormone Replacement, demonstrates that this once previously considered “safe” process, in fact carries many significant risks. Risks that have, been shown to outweigh the benefits. More information about this study is available on the National Institute of Health website.

Our Approach
At Fundamental Health Solutions, we use Hormone Rejuvenation Therapy to naturally and safely boost the body’s levels of hormones, validated in our salivary hormonal lab testing from Diagnos-Techs. This is different from replacing your hormones with a bio-identical version.  With Hormone Rejuvenation Therapy, the focus is to help your body restore its optimal hormone levels by using natural remedies that awaken and stimulate the dormant areas of your body . This helps the body to produce optimal levels of hormones.  This process can be done even in absence of key hormone producing glands that may have been removed as a result of a therapeutic procedure such as surgery.

Advantages of hormone rejuvenation therapy

Corrects your hormone levels versus acting as a replacement
Because the foundation of Hormone Rejuvenation Therapy is corrective rather than replacement, Hormone Rejuvenation Therapy can both raise a deficient level of hormones in our body, as well as lower elevated levels of hormones, which can be potentially harmful for our body.  This is something that Hormone Replacement Therapy cannot do.

Multiple hormone imbalances can be addressed simultaneously
Another advantage when we use Hormone Rejuvenation Therapy is that we can address multiple hormone imbalances at the same time, versus addressing one imbalance at a time.

Works in synch with your hormonal circadian bio-rhythms
Hormone Rejuvenation Therapy takes into account our body’s own unique hormonal circadian bio-rhythm.  In a healthy human body, hormone levels normally  fluctuate throughout the day.  Hormone Rejuvenation Therapy puts your body back “in synch” with its natural hormonal bio-rhythms.