Telomerase enzyme

122529804Telomeres and your health
It is also important to consider what a Telomere is and how this is important to your health. A telomere is a protective cap at the end of our DNA double helix strand which keeps them uniform and tight. As we age, our Telomeres become shorter. With each cell replication the DNA strands get less tight, like shoelaces with no cap. When this happens, the DNA strands begin to unravel. As the strands become looser, the genetic information vital for cell replication becomes less exact. The result is a less exact copy of your cells is produced, unlike when you were younger. At some point the poorly replicated cells lose their ability to function optimally, and eventually cannot sustain life. From a DNA perspective, this is the process of aging.

Telomerase is the enzyme which builds and maintains our Telomeres. We are distributors for Telezyme, the only product which contains the actual Telomerase enzyme. The Telomerase enzyme works to supply adequate amounts of actual telomerase enzyme prior to cell replication. Younger people have higher amounts of Telomerase enzyme in their cells than older people. As we age, we gradually lose the capacity to produce Telomerase enzyme which is required to make an exact copy of your cells.

While good nutrition, exercise and managing stress can minimize the shortening of our Telomeres, if you want to your Telomeres to be more like they were when you were younger, our Telomerase enzyme supplement can replace the lost Telomerase enzyme required to make an identical copy of your cells.