Look younger!

Woman with BincolularsLooking older is a result of cellular breakdown due to metabolic failures associated with nutritional deficiencies that the body can no longer mask.  For example, after the age of 40, our collagen levels begin to decline. Collagen, the most abundant body protein, is responsible for giving skin a youthful, resilient, wrinkle free appearance. It is also an important protein that helps to hold our joints together as well as to cushion them. With collagen, we can have a bounce to our step. When collagen levels are lower than they should be, the bounce is replaced by a feeling of stiffness and discomfort. Less collagen also means our skin begins to lose the fullness we had in the past.

Hyaluronic Acid, or H.A. also is a key factor needed to maintain a youthful appearance, because it is responsible for giving our skin a more full, wrinkle free look. It also lubricates our joints! Maintaining higher levels of H.A. means that we look and feel more youthful. As our H.A. levels decline after birth, we often experience more physical effects of aging, including joint stiffness, discomfort and decreased range of motion. Low levels of H.A. are also associated with skin wrinkles, creases, deep folds, and fine lines. Patients have also reported improved gum health as well as reduced, and even corrected dry eye problems. With regular use of highly absorbable form of H.A., the eyes can produce the natural lubrication that they need, secreted via the lacrimal gland and mucous membranes, for good eye health and natural tearing.

Free radicals, cellular waste, and toxic debris from inflammation and stress can “dirty up” the blood.  With all of this congestion, your blood cells are not able to transport or receive the optimum levels of oxygen that it used to be able to when you were younger.  Poorly oxygenated and inflamed blood can make your once clear skin appear dull or blemished, or overly reddened, as your body works to rid itself of toxic debris in your blood and may do so via your skin.  Add to the more sunken look around the eyes and mouth from insufficient levels of Hyaluronic Acid, and your face can easily appear drawn and tired. This is not a normal consequence of aging.

At Fundamental Health Solutions, we can provide a variety of blood testing that can show the health of your blood and whether your blood cells are transporting and receiving the optimum levels of oxygen needed.  If your blood cells do not have enough oxygen, your skin and other organs cannot function optimally. Consequently, your cells die prematurely.  Optimizing the health of your red blood cells can not only help you to feel younger, but look younger and build a foundational pillar for good health.