Feel younger!

Full length image of a mature man practicing yoga at the sea shoThe inflammation connection!  Inflammation can speed up the aging process.  Learn how this and high levels of fibrin can make you look and feel old.

Inflammation is necessary to help quickly flush away dangerous toxins, waste, and debris from damaged tissues and rush in nutrients to help with the repair process required by healthy cells. If what caused the inflammation is left uncorrected, healthy tissues get damaged by inflammatory byproducts, therefore setting the stage for poor health, incomplete healing, a sluggish immune system and many more health problems.

Inflammation also perpetuates “oxidative stress” in the body.  Oxidative stress refers to the harmful byproducts that are produced when our cells burn oxygen, typically known as free radicals.  Free radicals are stray electrons that damage any cell that they contact.  This damage can show up as wrinkled skin, scarring within our blood vessel walls which allow the formation of harmful plaque, and damage to our joints leading to degeneration, discomfort, and stiffness to name a few.

Every illness and injury shares three common underlying metabolic features:  inflammation, fibrin (scar tissue) and an immune response.  Only therapies which address these underlying metabolic dysfunctions can truly correct health challenges at their source and mitigate the everyday stressful wear and tear that results in our body.

At Fundamental Health Solutions, we have a highly specific set of lab tests to detect inflammation, oxidative stress, and provide solutions to correct the underlying imbalances which will allow your body to feel and look its youngest.

For more information on oxidative stress, please check out our Library article entitled Anti-oxidants and Oxidative Stress at The Health Detective.   LINK:  http://www.thehealthdetective.info/library/anti-oxidants-and-oxidative-stress/