Genetics and how it can impact dieting

The Problem
Today, studies show that Americans eat less yet are heavier than ever. Calorie restriction is not the answer to losing weight and feeling healthy. Eating QUALITY CALORIES is the answer. Many diets fail to cut cravings by delivering quality nutrients to our tissues, thereby suppressing our appetite. We feel hungry, and many of us are overweight; this is no way to live.

Are You Eating Foods Correct For Your Blood Type and Genotype?
A single drop of blood contains the biological blueprint of who you are as an individual. Your blood type is the key that unlocks the door to the mysteries of health, illness, longevity, physical vitality and emotional strength. It determines what foods you should eat and how you should exercise. It determines your energy levels and the efficiency with which you “burn” calories. Although there are four blood types-O, A, B and AB-it would be an oversimplification to suggest that there are only four types of people in the world. The reality is far more intricate and complex. Subtyping your blood type provides even greater specificity. An additional set of simple genetic tests further individualize your needs and formalize a final diet plan for you. The final product is a 38 page diet plan telling you the foods you CAN eat, with helpful recipes. No two diets are exactly the same. Additionally, we provide the types of exercises that will benefit you most to help you maintain good health and appearance.

Welcome to Personalized Nutrition
The first science that understands you as a biochemical individual. One of the hallmarks of Functional Medicine is that it recognizes biochemical uniqueness and the need to tailor recommendations to match individual variability. Following decades of ongoing research and clinical work thanks to Dr. D’Adamo’s research created The Blood Type Diets, a way of eating and living that has transformed the health of millions to include Dr. Oz, Jennifer Lopez, Cheryl Tiegs, Hugh Grant, Lee Trevino, Elizabeth Hurley, Ellen DeGeneres and Justin Gelband- the “model whisperer” responsible for training the Victoria’s Secret Models. These health recommendations are nothing new and have uncovered a way of eating based on 100,000 years of forensic anthropological studies from cultures around the world focusing on the level of health and longevity enjoyed during their lives.

Not a Fad Diet
When it comes to diet one size DOES NOT fit all, which is the dogma advanced by the diet gurus, governments and agribusiness corporations. Our dietary program is not Atkins, not Low-Carb, not all-raw, not Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem, not vegetarian and not a fad diet. Eating for your blood type and genotype answers the premier question at the heart of dietary problems, why do some people do better with certain foods than others? For some people an all raw plant based diet can cause their hair to fall out while others will glow radiantly with health. Discover how eating for your blood type and genotype can provide powerful individualized opportunities for better health.

3 out of 4
Appear to be the odds that your health will improve by following the right diet for your blood type. The facts are clear-cut: In the 6617 individuals who reported their results from following the Blood Type Diet for a period of one month or more, three out of four (71-78%) had significant improvement in a variety of health conditions. Weight loss was the effect most often observed but a number of reports detailed improvements in digestive function, resistance to stress, overall energy and mental clarity. The percentages (71-78%) of patients reporting positive results are consistent across all the blood types.

Where Does It Come From?
By using sophisticated genetic measures, anthropologic and archeological forensic analyses have produced the most accurate picture to date of human metabolic history. The variations, strengths and weaknesses of each blood group can be seen as part of humanity’s continual process of acclimating to different environmental challenges and the emergence of the ABO blood groups, along with the foods they consumed. Most of these challenges and distinctions between the blood groups involve enzymes of the digestive and immune systems. Because each blood type carries different amounts of specific enzymes which help you digest foods, drive your immune system, and generally thrive as a person, it is now understood that different blood types metabolize foods differently. We are all unique.

Will I Have To Choose Better Quality Foods?
Absolutely! There is no doubt that many of us with health problems already think we “eat healthy”. We all have dietary improvements to make and need to choose better quality food sources if we truly want to experience health. Only foods which are ideally grown and raised can benefit our health.

Food and Epigenetics
Your genes are not just the “hand” you were dealt”. You can change the way your genes are expressed – in the same way you can affect light in a room by turning a switch on or off. The GenoType Diet uses the newly termed science of epigenetics, which shows how environmental factors – including diet – allow you to change your genetic destiny. Your health risks, weight, and life span can all be improved when you live according to your GenoType.

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