147718786While having a consistent and achievable workout routine is important to achieve physical strength and health, nutrition is the vital piece for reaching optimum sports performance. There are many things the athlete needs to do, to provide proper fueling before, during and after competition that can give you the competitive advantage you need to succeed. Understanding how to fuel your body correctly throughout the day will enhance your body’s ability to recover from training and maximize your physical development.

Meals Plans, Testing and Competitive Fueling

How We Detect Performance and Health Related Issues
We use The TRIAD Blood Spot test, which is a simple test that our patients perform in the comfort of their home. It requires obtaining a blood spot/smear, and a urine collection, all contained within the kit performed by the individual and does not require a lab. This test, which is billable to insurance, collects a large amount of data, more than most lab tests used today, that tells us what nutrient deficiencies you are experiencing, how well your body is healing and repairing itself, neurotransmitter status required for optimal brain function for athletic coordination and balance, gut health, any hidden infections, food sensitivities which can hinder performance, and energy production and maintenance.

Individualized Meal Plans – Eat for your Blood Type!

The reason we work with meal planning is to help athletes meet their physical and training goals so that they can take their performance achievements to the next level. Our Eat for your Blood Type meal planning takes into account genetics, your blood type, and what foods test beneficial for you.

Increasing oxygen to your blood cells (naturally)

By working with specialized blood tests, we can look identify any debris that is in your blood that should not be. These debris interfere with the oxygenation of your blood cells and thus, achieving a higher performance level.

Nutritional Absorption
Did you know that you can take all the correct nutrients, but your body may test deficient in certain areas? We can identify what nutrients are not being properly absorbed. When a multivitamin is not bio-available, or if your system is blocking absorption due to another reason, we can identify the problem. For example, muscle cramping is commonly associated with needing more magnesium, and we have found instances where something was preventing the absorption of magnesium despite the patient taking appropriate levels of the mineral.

Competition Fueling, Naturally

Many of our Patients have already begun to “clean up their diets” or are in the process of doing so. This translates to eliminating refined sugars, refined flours, eating whole grains and fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, preferably organic if you can do so. A common quandary that our athlete patients have is how to replenish lost nutrients during, after and throughout the day, with sports food items that are currently on the market, especially if they are on a specialized diet. Because we work with the Eat for your Blood Type meal planning, the bulk of our direction may come from the results of your dietary testing. We also work with highly bio-available nutritional supplements that go into most of our patient’s workout bags so that they are there when we need them.

A concern of all athletes during any workout that leads to much fluid loss is ensuring adequate amounts of fluids, consuming adequate electrolytes, and also getting the right amounts of protein and carbohydrates to enhance performance while limiting muscle damage during and after competition. Our athletes enjoy using Biocell Collagen® because it provides the nutritional support that can help injured athletes recover faster by using its unique and patented form of hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol, and other bioavailable anti-oxidants. Liquid hydrolyzed collagen, which is only found in Biocell Collagen®, has been shown to regenerate joint cartilage, and connective tissue, such as tendons and ligaments. It is also available in a convenient “chew” form, that can be ingested anytime and anyplace that dissolves under the tongue.

Many of our patients who are not actively working out have reported being able to return to some type of exercise routine after taking Biocell Collagen, especially if their problems have been knee (joint) and cartilage related. Because of its anti-aging properties, many patients who reduced their workout routines or who have stopped completely, have been able to resume their all-important exercise routine.  

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